Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Report from Dave

Hi guys

Recently I have developed an interest in fishing deeper water with the fly. After some initial frustration where I straightened a few hooks on my billabong-style flies and also lost fish because I could not pick up line fast enough, I decided to change approach. I started by whipping up a few flies on sturdier hooks, solving the first part of the problem.

All too often as fly fishers we are scared to hook larger fish due to the pain of a protracted fight where the fish has the upper hand. Even on my 10wt I could do nothing to shift bigger blue water targets like GTs. With the aim of overcoming this, I invested in a Redington 14wt and a Cheeky Thrasher 475 reel.

I loaded up the reel with 300+ metres of 50lb braid and topped it with a Scientific Angler 600gr Bluewater Express sink tip. A lot of people use 25 or 30 feet of T17 or similar with a running line but I like the knot free experience of the SA line. A longish 20lb tippet with a short length of Tyger knottable wire (I use 30lb) for macks is all I need at the business end.

Dave testing the 14wt        Photo: Peter Zeroni

A tevor from the deep   Photo: Peter Zeroni

Goldie fell the another dredge fly  Photo:Peter Zeroni

Mac's had to be in on the action too      Photo Peter Zeroni

Anyway, it works a treat. I can fish deep and knock over fish like nobody's business. Anything down to about 30m is fair game with this approach. Purists may scoff but I see no reason why I should be undergunned just because I like fly fishing. The outfit is also very light and I can cast with it all day, so I can see some applications for extracting fish from the lilies too! 

I have attached a few pics. I would be interested to hear what you think - have I gone too far? I don't know but it is great fun!

At the other end of the spectrum, I have also bought a split cane 6wt to muck around with. It's a lot of fun to fish with and feels surprisingly modern in the hand.

Cheers - Dave


  1. Looks like fun Dave, we have a couple of similar rigs for in the deep too. Great for when the fish are on a deep reef, I don't think you can ever go too far if you are fishing and having fun. Remember "The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing."
    ~ Herber Hoover

  2. Bloody top idea mate! Just because you like to swath doesn't mean you have a limp wrist. Givem nothing!

  3. When you fish that deep. Jewies etc. I put a little bit of foam in the fly to keep it off the bottom and stop snagging,haven't done this for a long time but bit like jigging it works.
    Purists aren't that common anymore its what you choose to do.
    In Bynoe the biggest Spaniards are often in deep holes. Caught a Tarpon in 25ms once out there.