Thursday, 17 April 2014


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Dave Friebel is on his third pair of trainers as he prepares to compete in Victoria’s Gre

Dave Friebel is on his third pair of trainers as he prepares to compete in Victoria’s Great Ocean Road marathon to help raise money for charity. Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI Source: News Limited

A DARWIN man who has never taken part in an endurance run will compete in the Great Ocean Rd Marathon in Victoria to raise money for poor villages in Timor Leste.
GTNT worker David ­Friebel will join thousands of runners to cover 45km – from Lorne to Apollo Bay – in the 10th Great Ocean Rd marathon on May 18.
“My mates run marathons a fair bit and they threw the challenge at me,” Mr Friebel said. “I thought I’d give it a crack.”
“I’m hoping to do it in about 5.5 hours.”
Mr Friebel said he has been training for the marathon since October last year.
“I’ve run about 700km in that time,” he said. “I’ve been to the physio a lot.”
Mr Friebel said his workplace was involved in a carbon offset program in East Timor.
“We help six villages in the highlands,” he said.
“We pay them to grow trees.
“Then they use the timber to build homes and schools.
“So far we’ve helped plant 62,000 trees in six highland communities on 38 sites.”
Mr Friebel said he wants to raise $1000 for the program

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


From Captain Watty

Here comes the dry season!
Queenies, goldies and jews by the boat load and with tuna, macs and sailfish to go life is good at the beach!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Thought it was an eye

Dotty reckons there should be a prize for the smallest puffer fish,

Lots of small to legal Barra around caught 9 in a few hours today, like every one else the rain made visibility a little hard but you could find patches of clear enough of the time.


Just back from our first saltwater fix for the year, and it was great, but on the way out there last Thursday I did wonder if we would make it, the storm that hit looked like bringing up all the creeks, but it appears that only parts of Darwin copped the worst of it with cars being swamped in a tremendous downpour.

The water was like glass out there most of the fishing time, cloud cover kept it cooler but when the sun got through it was very bloody hot!

Water was glassy and the cloud kept it cooler.
The rain coloured up the water the next day, and it was difficult on the flats to find clear water, but we did get fish.  On one of the creeks at the back of Indian Island there were schools of blue salmon and whilst we managed a few, we dropped a couple that looked to be near 80cm, they were monsters.  The biggest that I've ever seen.

 We saw Graeme the Grey out there with some of the boys and he was going to have a go at them.  Not sure how they went.  Lenny and Vaughn were into the barra with a backwards motor.  Lenny had fixed his electric, but it would only run backwards.  He fixed it later by breaking the prop so we loaned him ours.

Wayne and Crusty got into the barra too and some great queenies. I see there is a new grey colour on the Hewes too!  Looks awesome!

On our boat the barra and salmon were interested in most of the flies, but the only one they wanted to eat was the 'wild thing'.  On Friday you had to put it on their nose, but Saturday they would turn and chase until they had it.

This was the black box going out....its empty now, the black dogs (top left) worked well on salmon, but the wild things (top right) were the favourite of the barra, followed by the mullet things (bottom right) that worked for Lord Jim.
A small barra on the 'Wild thing'.

Heaps of barra out there, schools of ten or more moving along the edges, but did not see any real big ones.  Mainly in the 50 to 60 range.   Some good size threadies continued to frustrate us,  just coming up to feel the flies then swimming off.....very very frustrating !

At one spot we anchored in low water, intending to stay for a short time, but even though the water was too dirty to see the fish, barra were hitting nearly every cast.  BUT we stayed too long, as all the barra had taken our attention away from the dropping tide,  we ended up with the boat sitting on a rock in very shallow water.  Luckily we managed to get off but the prop hit the rock on the way out and we had to pull over on the sand at Simms to change it because of the vibration.  That's fishing.

Petey and Lord Jim .. dropped some beauties (threadies) after they put up a great fight and Jim had already got four barra that were keepers. The white boat (Jon, Jack and Hayden) has already put in a report.

The 'White' boat, with Jon, Jack and Hayden.
 We came upon water that was boiling with bait around Simms Reef.  Literally hundreds of birds on them, but no fish seemed to be eating them.   Hope they hang around and bring the pelagics in, that is awesome fishing.  At one of the reefs on the eastern side of Indian the water too was boiling with fish, they were not that big, queenies to about 45cm, trevally to 35cm and the odd snapper or cod.  But if anyone is new to the art, you can have a ball on these fish with light gear (not too light) around those reefs, it was a fish a cast for over half an hour. A great way to get used to catching fish on the fly.  There we used 250grn and 300grn lines on the incoming tidal run, with small DNA clousers on 1/0 hooks.

Plenty of Fish

'Wild Thing????'
Tides on the ANZAC WEEKEND look great for fly fishing too....hope to see you out there.

Monday, 14 April 2014

A couple of vids of action in darwin harbour in April 2014

A couple more videos on darwin harbour action
Not the best quality artistically as I have got to work on my cinematography !!!

But hope they inspire you to get out there and have a cast

The last four trips we have managed to catch good fish and good numbers of fish
The Pelagics anyway - GTs, golden trevally, small mackerel, queenies etc

We have quiet times, without a scale to be seen
So,we keep searching the likely spots or current lines, flats and rock bars/reefs etc until we find the fish. Most days we are only fishing dawn to midday. So easy days fishing and back home in 10minutes from boat ramp

If we did find fish, you might only get a half hour before they might move on due to tidal or wind changes. So off searching again according to conditions

At times the fish almost sacrificed themselves to get on to the flies we were casting
Fish all around the boat, sometimes having to chase sporadic slashing
Other times the fish so engrossed in feeding we were only a rod length away and roll casting flies to edges of fish bursting in aggressive shoals

It wasn't all easy all the time....
Some times lots of casts for few fish
One time we were holding boat in raging current and almost metre waves and in 30+knot winds and we still managed to work out how to catch some fish - despite conditions we found the fish and found a way to catch them. (Go the fly! for no one else was catching any that day!)

Observation and knowing why fish are somewhere and what they are eating is the key, being prepared to try something else

Enjoy the video, hope ur inspired

Fun on the fly

Took Jack & his best mate Hayden Pearce to Bynoe yesterday.  The boys had a lot of fun catching Queenfish & Trevally in the creeks and around Knife Island.

Jack's Golden from one of the creeks

We caught & released a variety of species.  One of which may never have been caught on fly before!

Jack's Flathead from Annie River

Hayden's Mudskipper

The action around Knife Island was hot, although a bit sporadic.  We had a triple hook up which was interesting!

 Triple hook up landed!

Jack & Hayden with matching fish

Jack also took some footage with his go pro camera.  If I can work out how to post it Iwill put it on later.

Some words of warning for those with teenage boys:)
As I launched the boat with the boys inside, Hayden's comment "3 o'clock this afternoon would be good thanks Jon"
I may have to consider letting them drive the car to make sure I don't miss out!


Friday, 11 April 2014

For Sale 4.55m Polycraft CC & CRF150F Motorbike

As some of you would know the new poly is here, so the old one has to go!
2001 Polycraft 4.55m CC fitted with 2003 50hp Tohatsu, 70l under floor fuel, as new minn kota co pilot c/w with wireless remote, deep cycle battery & new dual imaging sounder.  Has been a very reliable soft riding stable boat.  Open to all offers!
Ph Jon 0427056896

If anyone out there is after  a 150cc motorbike for a teenager we also have a 2006 Honda CRF150F for sale.  Jack has lost interest now he has 'his new boat'!