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The Mob are a social group of dedicated fly fishers who are passionate about fly fishing in the tropical north of Australia and equally as passionate about the close camaraderie this sport brings. This passion and dedication led to the creation of the NT Fly Fishers Social Mob blog site; an interactive and creative outlet where everyone can share our wonderful fly fishing adventures and link into the “after fishing” social events we enjoy in this incredible part of the world.

Thursday, 4 December 2014


This weekend looks pretty busy with Christmas Parties,
 Saturday the Mob will be at the Brokenflagons for the Mob party where there is plenty of room to fit us all in, and Sunday there is another with the Barefoot crew.
   (Probably a recovery from the Saturday for some????)

But there will be those who still want to have a fish.  The weather looks ok...see the storm probabilities below...

but the tides are going very low so be careful if you are in the Harbours and make sure you know where the rocks/flats are or you could be there for a while. The billabongs might be the way to go?

Wind looks good for Saturday but may come up in the afternoon on Sunday, and if storms arrive unexpectedly it could get rough out there on the shallows.

....and remember !!!!!!

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Lord Jim and Dash have just returned from the first of many, or so I'm told, trips to the land of the Long White Cloud and fishing with Jake and Southern Rivers Fly Fishing .

Apparently the weather was a pain on some of the days with 140 kmph winds on the Islands, but they still got into the fish, had sheep dog trials and found a heap of different beers.
There was some rough terrain to traverse...needed to be part mountain goat?

Jake, who the boys reckon could climb like a mountain goat
..and you needed to be able to climb like a mountain goat...rough terrain
needed plenty of rest after those climbs
Even the cars couldn't get through everywhere
Jim was saying that the casting was different, with a sixteen foot tippet and some of the casts were only around that distance, because the fish were so close....these two swam into a pool while they were having a rest, one hooked up and the other stayed around to see what happened, but as you can see its a very short cast....

The fish were almost at the end of the rod!
The second stayed to see what was happening...
James and trout
Dash and bigger trout
Cold and crystal clear with fish in close

There are a lot more photos, and the boys are preparing to return next year....looks great...and cold

Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Wind is your Friend....

“The wind is your friend”

by Tim Rajeff
Tim’s a funny guy with lots of charisma and enthusiasm but he’s not all about goofing off and breaking brand new rods either.

in this next video we get a little reminder of how important it is to adapt our casts when dealing with the wind.
contrary to what a lot of anglers might think, there’s a fine limit to how much we can just force the cast in the attempt  to not have to change their usual casting style.
even if they don’t deeply imbed a hook into something or someone it’s just luck and a matter of time before it happens.
also bear in mind that although most casting tutorial videos related to casting in windy situations are based around saltwater fishing, winds like to blow inland too, making these tips equally valid for all fly fishers.
without being overly detailed but straight to the essentials, this ‘casting around the wind’   demonstration shows the basics to deal with these situations safely and efficiently.
all it takes is first, to learn to always be aware of the wind, where it’s moving from and where its going, how it’s changing, how it limits us and how we can use it, because let’s face it: it’s there whether we like it or not so let’s use it to our advantage and turn it into a friend.
no matter what type of fishing you do, take the time to practice these casts until they’re very familiar and even second nature. it’s well worth it.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Just went for a run with GW in his new Hewes 21 flats boat, what great fun.  At first I thought it was a bit low in the water but once on it that view changes, it has everything, even an hydraulic anchor that comes off the back to hold you on the flats.  Two rod lockers that hold fly rods. The boat is fantastic on the water, I think you could have a lot of fun running around in it.

This picture at the side gives you and idea of the length of the boat. This one has the Yamaha decals but Graeme will have the 'Insight' ones.

GW on the front of the boat, see the rod lockers on the sides

The Trailer has its own ratchet tie downs attached 

You've got to admit there is plenty of space on the decks..this is the WW boat 
Matty Henger has got onto one as well, and he is going over to see John Snell in Cairns to pick it up

So there will be three lots of show ponies out there now....

Friday, 7 November 2014


Its our last day at the 'bush camp' baby sitting the dogs, Boof and Moonshine.

Boof, wondering why he can't run off into the bush and find that bitch on heat

Moonshine.."ït wasn't me who chewed them, it was Zeus"

Zeus....alias "Chewy"

We also had Moonshine''s brother Zeus for a week that turned into nearly three weeks because everytime he got taken home he would make the return trip through the bush. You could always see where he'd been because he chewed everything that was near him, bushes, shoes, trees, tyres and plants etc.
 We didn't get a lot of fishing in while we were down here because Cathie had injured her finger while she was in Melbourne, and it became poisoned.  This turned into a few trips back into Darwin for Hospital attention.  Everyone thought she was giving them the fingers, holding it up in the air all the time.

We did manage to get some shots of the new "Show Pony"boat having its sea trials, but it was hard to keep up with.it!

Preparing for launch

We have 'take off'' 
So as the sun sinks slowly in the west we prepare to return to the rat race...but it has at least been raining there and we have not had a drop out here!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Still out in the bush at Bynoe, Lord Jim and Hags have returned to town ..Jim is about to fly out to the Land of the Long White Cloud (NZ) and have a fish with Dasher(Darryl Harper).  They are looking for trophy trout, and Jim wants a spell from the heat.

Speaking of heat it has been terribly hot out here during the day whereas the nights have been quiet cool up until last night.  The humidity is back up, it is threatening to rain, and last night was sweltering.  Hope the rain comes soon.

Fishing has been from just after 5am to around midday because of the heat.  Even the fish are looking for shade but they are still out there. We have been having a few fish cook ups, and with a mix of fish.  My favourite is still golden snapper followed by queenie, barra does not seem to have much taste for me, and last night we had some fresh barra, and it still seems tasteless.   Thank goodness for 'Slap yo mumma' chilli powder and salt, otherwise no taste for me.

Hags with a typical barra all were in the 60's

Some good golden trevally around too

Hags gets a lot of these diamond trevally
There was also another 'show pony' boat out on the water, Graeme the Grey was doing sea trials with his new Hewes.  

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Not on topic of fly fishing but you (guys) need to watch this

Saw this on aust salt water fly fishing forum
Just had to share this

Could stop laughing it is so true

The stig

Thursday, 30 October 2014


I am sitting down here in the bush trying to sort out a question....is this a permit???...it is a pompano?..and I believe a small spotted or black spotted dart???? and I think Trachinotus baillonii. (see list below)

Jack White with his fish.

Some of you might remember some years ago the debate (argument) over the issue of what was a permit. There was different opinions up here when some of us caught the snub nosed dart calling them permit and others argued that they were not in fact permit.  The 'Permit' and darts come from the 'Pompano'family apparently of which, according to records there are around twenty types..these are listed below...

 The 20 currently recognized species in this genus are:[1]

This list and others have the  Trachinotus falcatus   whereas other sites list the Trachinotus goodei         as the only actual 'permit', all the others have different names, but in Australia other different pompanos are considered permit, like  Trachinotus anak   and   Trachinotus baillonii . BLOODY CONFUSING HEY??

Then there is this on the scientific fishing pages..which indicated pompano are also classified as permit the way I read it.....
  1. Pompano
  1. Scientific nameTrachinotus
  2. RankGenus
  For me, the fish like many others that were disallowed in the past through argument, it is a Permit, maybe not the Permit, but still a permit. 

The Bassett's

Saturday, 25 October 2014

"Lizzie River" sea trials!

Fitted new fuel lines to the boat the other day so a sea trial in sight of land required, "Lizzie River" fitted the bill. All good with the fuel system but could not pass up the acres of Queenfish busting up around the islands at the river mouth. 

Launched at 6.45am, pulled out at 8.30am, 15 Queenies in the boat, smallest 50cms, largest 62cms. NT must be short for "Fishing Heaven"!

No camera on-board, sea trial run!!! 

Remember; "You'll never never know, if you never never go." Get out there and fish!

Tight  lines
Jim Churchley

Friday, 24 October 2014


If this blog doesn't post properly, you can blame my little mini laptop....it has something called and Intel Atom in it, but that should read Intel Alzheimer I think, because I takes everything in, but then slows down and looses it somewhere in the web!!! leaving a message that it is not responding....might just be me?

We are at Bynoe Haven for a few weeks, though travelling back and forward on some days, so should get plenty of fishing in.  Arrived down here last Sunday and the Hagleys were here with Lord Jim.  Di was really into the fish too and I think Lord Jim is trying to get the photo's for a little report.  Barra seemed scarcer than usual though, and even though we got onto them, they were few and far between.  There were schools of wolf herring all over, some only about six inches long and others about two feet. ( sorry I'm a dinosaur and still relate to feet and inches)  Schools of queenies around too, Jim filled his boat with them then got onto the barra, and macs around, one was 1.3 metres.

Lyle and Greg O'Reilly were out there too, we dined with them a couple of nights, and bored Greg with tales of the fishing etc. in the past.  All true of course.

It was hot out on the water and in most spots the temperature of the water was 32C or more.  Big blue salmon on some flats, and around Knife Island there was a school of big queenies and trevally, but they were hard to follow and only came up now and then.  The jelly prawns are starting up since the rain, and on one flat that was alive with them, there were tarpon, both salmons and barra chopping through them, they were good size barra too, and a couple jumped completely out of the water chasing the jellies.

Barra liked the simple white clousers with a thin blue centre line
This  blue took an all silver vampire.
We had a selection of flies, but the simple white clousers with a bit of subtle colour in them proved the best. I just got some EP fibre in white and light blue, I tied a couple of clousers with this stuff but they didn't impress me because they looked rather dull, so I only made the two, but it was this fly that caught six of the old species on our first day out there. We used other similar flies while one of us was fishing with the EP one, but it was the favourite of the fish.   Will tie some more with this stuff just to see if it wasn't a fluke.

A few of the flies, the two EP ones are in the box top right and they are the two under the red headed ones, they look a bit thicker and stubbier too.

If I can get this computer to stop dropping out, we will send more soon.