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The Mob are a social group of dedicated fly fishers who are passionate about fly fishing in the tropical north of Australia and equally as passionate about the close camaraderie this sport brings. This passion and dedication led to the creation of the NT Fly Fishers Social Mob blog site; an interactive and creative outlet where everyone can share our wonderful fly fishing adventures and link into the “after fishing” social events we enjoy in this incredible part of the world.

Thursday, 30 April 2015


Just got a bit of a report that the 'Young Guns', Hayden and Jack have been getting some great saratoga in a Billabong which according to them is in a "..land , far , far away..." (must be learning to keep spots quiet from Lord Jim).  So far only a few photos, but more to come with other reports...apparently the 'Toga' not quiet getting to a metre in length .....YET!!!!

More to follow.....

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


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Been a bit slow getting this out with all that has been happening, the original post for the Corroboree Cup 2015, to be held on the 9th and 10th May, went out around six weeks ago and in that time we have been able to obtain the special 'glory' needed to fill the Cup, and of course a little more left over for the Plate.  Here they are nearly, ready to go...

The Cup is for those who choose to fly fish, and the Plate is for the dark siders 

Remember the rules.....1. Have Fun
                                      2. Be Crocwise
                                      3. Comply with NT boating Rules

Scoring for both is the same as last year, you just fill in the coloured boxes on the sheet and Lord Jim will do the rest.  Here are the sheets, the one with the RED heading is for the Cup and the BLACK heading is for the Plate. I have attached them because some of you usually print out your own if you can't be at Corroboree Tavern on the Friday night 

There is different multiples for the bigger fish (eg. 2.5 x for 80cm plus) which Lord Jim will attend to, as well as bonus scores for specials that will be announced out there.   

Remember entry is FREE.  Just let us know if you are fishing through the email address on the blog.

To get you into the mood for the fishing..............

Sunday, 19 April 2015


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Had a wonderful time with the kids introduction to Fly Fishing, organised by the Darwin Trailer Boat Club and sponsored by Nightcliff Bendigo Bank.  The kids were all eager to learn more about fly fishing and what was to be around an hour of introduction to the art turned into nearly four.  It is amazing the energy and enthusiasm of kids and as one of the  parents commented, to see them so attentive to something that did not involve online participation was very rewarding.

We started with a show of materials used for fly tying, then went into some excerpts of that great introduction video by Insight Fly Fishing on "Images of a Northern Estuary".   The Mob has donated a copy to the Trailer Boat club, because the kids wanted to watch the lot of it.

While some took to the fly tying and displays of different lines for fly fishing, especially one who said that his Science teacher was the best fly fisherman in Darwin (can't get away from the STIG),others adjourned to the beach at the front of the club where the kids could not get enough of casting.

A bit of a lesson for the 'rough' flies.
Big brother showing his little brother how its done

Another showing his mates how its done

..and Taylia giving the boys a run for their money.
 The interest shown was amazing and it looks like we will need a follow up presentation with a bit more time, with some hoping that their parents might take them for a go on the water.  We did mention the Corroboree Cup and may see some of them out there, but will certainly be following up with as much information and help we can supply.