Wednesday, 23 April 2014



They are predicting a wet week to come with a return of the monsoon trough, time will tell of course, but if this chart below is right, we are going to get the heaviest rain next Tuesday.   Will be interesting to see if they are right.  With luck it may stir up the billabongs a bit.


Tuesday, 22 April 2014


From Insight Fly Fishing

Many of you will recall the Images In a Northern Estuary DVD from a few years back, the good news is I'm finally heading down the road of the second one .

The new DVD will have lots more visual footage encompassing both fresh and saltwater a lot of the high definition Saltwater species, Tarpon and Saratoga, Sooty Grunters. Definitely getting the camera ready for some visuals on the Permit at Bynoe, don't know if I can catch one for the camera or some one does, I haven't yet.  

New innovations in editing will hopefully produce a great DVD.

The same as before there will be no "about me” or anyone else for that matter, sponsorships, and no personality going fishing storyline, down the rod visual shots  probably a little more over narrations and lots of one off nature and wildlife shots.

As a precursor this  little gem I filmed one day in East Arnhem Land , just great timing as I came over the hill the crossing on the creek had wall to wall Barra on one side and Herons on the other. The Rainbow fish had no where to run, I sat and filmed for over an hour the life and death struggle that they were faced with, the footage is rendered for the blog and nothing like the high definition of the original shot from every angle which when edited I think will be stunning.

Did I catch any?, obviously, caught some but got way boring because as soon as you landed a fly in there they ate, the bigger ones were there up to 70 cms but hung back like teachers at a school lesson.

Hope you enjoy  

Cheers Graeme


A bit of a teaser from the past courtesy of Graeme and Dottie (Insight fly fishing), and just a reminder, the cup is on over the weekend of the 17th and 18th May, 2014.  We will be based at Corroboree  Park Tavern.  

Will be sending out more information via emails or you can contact us on the blog email

Monday, 21 April 2014


Andy is on his way back home to Geelong and we will miss him, but here is what he has to look forward to, courtesy of Harfin Fly Reels Australia and Kaos Cod Flies, looks good!!

"Kitted out with the very best fly fishing equipment on the ozzy market.... Ashleigh Dunsmore from Harfin Fly Reels Australia supplied 7/8wt ree with a super smooth drag. A 10wt HardCoreElement rod 8.6ft and the new Kaos - 5/0 Hoodlum fly!"


Photo: Happy Easter!!!

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Courtesy of


There have been a lot of reports on Corroboree lately without many fish, only a few tarpon.  It may be the flies?.  The old trout term 'match the hatch' comes to mind and years ago, in the good old days, I was lucky enough to fish with Wayne Hinton and Dave Bowring out there.  Wayne loved corroboree and was the freshwater guru, Dave like me, liked the salt better, but if you fished with Wayne you caught fish.

The secret?  not really a secret, Wayne would go out with a variety of flies, mainly clousers, but all different sizes and if we were getting nothing on the bigger flies, he would change to a smaller one, in fact we fished maily with the smaller ones out there.  They were sparse 'crazy charlies' on No. 2 hooks. We did use smaller hooks but the No.2 was the favourite and we ended up buying hundreds of them for out there.  The white and salmon colours worked the best followed by the pink.

Crazy Charlie

Ours may have been a little more sparse than these, because we used DNA or EP fibres, but if you use bucktail, it wont take long for the fish to thin them down.

We did go down to No. 4 hooks on some too, but because we started fishing for everything, barra and toga included, with the flies, we stayed mainly with the No.2 hooks. Another point to make with these; use a smaller leader, go down to at least 10 lb.   Wayne would tie a bimini in his light leaders for the fish as well, but being lazy I just used a lighter leader in a good stretch mono like Platypus pre test.

The success of fishing with these smaller flies really got us going, so we moved down to smaller rods,
Dave, Ross Marriner and I fished out there one day with 3, 4 and 6 wt rods, intermediate or floating lines for the edges and sinking lines for in the deep.   There were a lot of boats around that day and when we got the reports from them, they had not caught a barra, whereas, between us we had landed over forty along the edges in the shallows.  Dave landed a 68cm on the 3wt.

I won't guarantee that this will be the secret to end the drought of barra out there, but I hope it may help.
but I remember Wayne and Dave telling me, sometimes the flies that are tied are for for the fly tier or the fisherman more than the fish.

I hope this may help everybody that will be fishing out there.

Saturday, 19 April 2014


From Watty

Here comes the dry season!
Queenies, goldies and jews by the boat load and with tuna, macs and sailfish to go life is good at the beach!
No big barra today but they are still around.
Had an hour at my top queenie spot this arvo only to find mackies and long tail tuna had scared them away, oh well not a bad swap.


Another one courtesy of

A Deliberate Life - 18-minute IF4 extended trailer from Silo4 on Vimeo.