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Saturday, 23 August 2014


See The Stigs blog at   http://swoffingntwaters.blogspot.com.au/

life is crazy busy - worse still no fishing happening!

A friend and long time Darwinite tells me, he never goes fishing in the month of August due to the winds
Now I understand him, every morning lately 5-10 knots of wind and rising in intensity through the day
That is except when I can't take a day or even a few hours off and wouldn't you know it - the wind dissipates   
              - uuurrghhhh!    --    Soooooo  frustrating!

Still there is fly tying.......
I have so many flies tied as the wind howls outside, that I may not need to tie anymore till Christmas

I may have to donate a few to local fly club again for door prizes - so I have the excuse to tie some more

These ones are one of the very first saltwater flies
The main ingredient is bucktail

BUCKTAIL BAITFISH - catches most SW predator species
I tie a little flash at bend of hook
Over this I tie some polar fibre - pink or white but mostly white
From hook bend to half way along shank tie some ice chenille - I mainly use pearl ice chenille
Then reverse hook and tie on a bunch of white bucktail with the tips point past the eye of the hook
Put hook right way up then tie on contrasting bucktail colour
wind thread all the way to the eye of the hook being careful not to tie last few wraps of thread too tightly as it may flare the bucktail too much
Ensure all fibres are flat on hook shank, then on front quarter of hook shank apply a few wraps of lead wire up to eye of hook
Apply a few wraps of thread over the lead wire - then apply a little super glue to hold it all in place
Place thread at start of lead wire
Fold bucktail back over the hook shank
Wrap thread at this point to form head of fly - you want the head to bulge a little - the lead wire helps do this
Again be careful not to tie last few wraps of thread too tightly as it may flare the bucktail too much
Tie off thread - optionally I have tied on a band of red thread here to form gills
Give head a lite coating of epoxy - place on drying wheel
Once dry (better if still a little tacky), place on a prism eye on each side of head
Give head another lite coating of epoxy - place on drying wheel
Tie twenty or so or more, and go fishing!



See The Stigs blog at  http://swoffingntwaters.blogspot.com.au/

Ok, I have been a good father and husband this week and even though I have time constraints due to a an essay that is due shortly...
I have earned a 'hall pass' to go fishing this Sunday - but where to go?

Option One: Darwin harbour
The tides are ones I like - neaps tides working towards spring tides with Sunday's high of 6.4 just before sunrise at 5:55am, low of 2.4 m at midday.
This is good as I can fish first light at Weed Reef or other rock bars like Lee Point for pelagics as the tide starts to drop then fish the harbour arms for some flats species - be home just after lunch time - but hopefully action continues and I can fish the rising tide and the current lines for more pelagics till late in the afternoon.

The only minus is the wind forecast - with 5-10 knot winds first up with patches of higher and lower wind speeds varying through the day - thinking about it its not too bad of a forecast if it stays true.

Would be on the water 6:30am with the predawn light and out to Weed Reef by 6:50am, We would choose actually location we fish first by wind speed and direction and time of tide.
The next decision would be which boat ramp and that depends on where I choose to fish first up to target pelagics like queenfish and trevally - so the first fishing location is down to two places - Lee Point (as too for the bonus of possible Broadbarred Mackerel and Longtail Tuna) or Weed Reef and its usually dependable species.

If Lee Point it would be from Nightcliff but you need a 2.5m tide to retrieve the boat - so that's a mid-afternoon ramp return option with this tide which can also be a problem if wind increases and I cant put in till tide rises.

Otherwise - its East Arm ramp which is good in all but the lowest spring tides - and to take advantage of the low tide flats and other locations to fish on the way back into the harbour as the day progresses.

So option one is looking OK

Option Two: Corroboree Billabong
Tides are not the issue but water temp is - its been quite cold nights recently, down to single digits in the rural areas last week but day time temps at in low 30's. Plus it is a long drive  (am I talking myself out of this option already?).
In the positive wind is less of an issue as less intensity in an inland wind and lots of curves in the billabong to find a point get out of wind. Plus the wind can help with some very good drift lines along the edges of the lillies and weed beds

And I do love my Saratoga fishing, and if we left home at 6am we could be on the water by 8am just as the sun is warming the water. We might miss out on dawn topwater fly action which always worth a long drive but the fish will get quite active between 9am-3pm on sub surface flies and the warming water.

Option Three - Vernon Islands.
Still trying to get here again!!!!

But my inexperience and possible increasing wind have me scared off this option. It can be pretty intense wave action here due to wind and tide in between the islands - especially in my low profile boat. I might wait till the calm weather returns at beginning of the wet season for this much longed for trip. (What an old and soft wuss I am becoming!)

I will chat to my 'deckie', and a friend who might bring his boat, to decide what option we will take.

Fishing report in next blog - hopefully with some fish in it!

Friday, 22 August 2014


Nathan Billings is across from Townsville and we were hoping to take him out on the flats at Bynoe with the good tides, but the wind put a stop to that, 30 to 40 kmph during the day dropping to around 20kmph during the night.

But Nathan still wet a line in Katherine and found the fish...

Spent the arvo catching barra that don't eat in winter, on flies they won't eat, in a picturesque system of crystal clear "trout streams" with the 6wt. All under 60cm, but sight casted and it can't get much it cant get much better. #ilovehotsprings#iloveNT #theyneedtothinkoutsidethebox #flatgoprolikeusual

There are 4 barra, a few sooties and some catfish in that pool. biggest around 60cm..

Friday, 15 August 2014


Who has ever caught a #LongtailTuna??
Did you know that in Dec 2006 Longtail were declared a "Recreation Only" Fish?
Check out http://www.longtailtuna.com.au/

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Thanks to NT Fisheries ...

All fish that are to be kept should be euthanized humanely immediately after capture to eliminate unnecessary stress to the fish and maximise the eating quality and storage life of the flesh. The best techniques for this are ‘iki jime’ spiking the fish in the brain with a sharp instrument just behind the eye (see example for barramundi)or by using one or more sharp percussion blows to the head to render the fish immediately unconscious. Only once a fish has been rendered unconscious should it be bled and placed in an ice slurry.

Saturday, 9 August 2014


You may all recall the bit of a horror story of Dennis's vehicle and trailer running off the ramp in Barramundi Drive into the depth there.   The locals rallied around and tried to get a diver to go down and attach straps to the vehicle so it could be recovered, but apparently no divers were available.  But it is Bynoe and they don't let you down.

Well, along came the 'Legend of Bynoe',  and with apologise to 'Superman'  he was 'faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, disguised as a mild mannered pizza cook  from Sand Palms' ......TOMMY. 

The Mild Mannered Legend
Tommy took the bull by the horns, or should I say the goggles and flippers and attached the lines to the sunken vehicle and trailer allowing it to be pulled out.  Here are some of the photos....

It's out there somewhere, make sure we are crocsafe!!!!

Are you sure that bloody croc is not around, or did that big shark eat it?

I can feel it with my feet!!!

Yep, there it is

Got it

Don't drop that rope

Here it comes!!
The Diesel decided to leak

Keep it coming

Now for the trailer

Got it too, the safety chain held

Its a bit messy, but its out.
The photos are courtesy of Denise McFarlane and more can be seen by clicking on her name


Relaxing with the 'mob'.
Lamb (shaun?) shanks

Shaun the sheep will make a special appearance at the BSSS on the 20th and 21st September after his long trip through England and Scotland with the Triple J mob.

After being marinated in beer and whisky for a few weeks, I'm not sure if it will be in the form of part of a 'meal' or other type of appearance.  But I'm sure it will be appreciated.  Bring the mint sauce?.
 I have forwarded the room requests onto Sand Palms, and for those of you wanting to get a fish in before the gathering (pre fish), Friday the 22nd August and Saturday the 23rd August are very similar tides.  Let's hope the wind holds off for us.  I will be away in sunny and warm Melbourne on these dates so Rodgie will probably be looking for a fishing mate?

Here is the tide for the 23rd August which is almost identical to the 21 Sept. and we will send out the tides for the stakes later as it gets closer.




**more to follow over the next few weeks

and because it should be warming up....

Friday, 8 August 2014


FishingEarth Australia added 3 new photos.
37 mins · Edited · 
What do you think of this? How messed up is the Tourism Fishing Industry in Queensland...And the Queensland government 10's of millions of dollars are spent world wide targeting, catching and RELEASING (yes releasing) Permit. Why do we do this just for cat food or fertiliser. This is so so so SAD

UPDATE from FishingEarth 
Just remember everyone that its not the people doing it its the fact that it is allowed to happen. I have a friend that thinks its sad I send people fishing as its cruel to the fish... that is her perspective and her right to think that. I have friends in the army (people object to that) friends in the mining industry (people object to that) and my family have been farmers for almost 100 years and (people object to that). We need to get different industries for the people that make their living from this. And we need better netting practices as well. Everyone has a right to a job and an income. We need to change the Queensland Governments thoughts on what fishing tourism is worth as well as rec fisherman and woman spend a lot of money.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Kakadu Wanderings

As it has been reported over the last few days on Facebook I have just spent the last week wandering around Kakadu fishing a few of the Billabongs and had a great time.

Started at “Secret Spot X” which everyone by now should realise is the Red Lily waterway chain. This fished for me earlier in the dry fantastically and if anything is better now as the average size of the fish seems to be bigger. With the cooler nights had to wait until lunchtime for the fish to really start to show themselves then it was constant action into the dark. 

Typical Spot X fish.

Over two days of fishing caught heaps, only two “rats” under 50cms and the largest going 72cms. All fish were silver and fat as, good eating too. Have a feeling that as the water temperature starts to raise this place will “go off” and trust me there are some good fish to be had out of there. I think Parks will close access after the first rain because of the flood plain that needs to be crossed, so don’t leave it too long if you wish to go.

Forgot the sink but took the office!
From Spot X it was onto Sandy Billabong to explore that waterway utilising “MV Croc Bait” as Parks deny access to trailer boats (despite a ramp being there!!). Spent two days exploring the waterway and had a great time and a lot of fun. Totally different fishing from a 10 foot punt! 

Where there is a will there is a way.

Soon found out that to land any fish of decent size you had to finesse them away from the scrub, as soon as too much pressure was applied “MV Croc Bait” would be towed into the scrub. Ended up catching Barra, Toga, Tarpon, Archer, Sooties and Catfish.

Sandy Toga.
 This waterway will start to fire up with some temperature. Water here was crystal clear but cool as there is so much shade and the sun only on the water for a short time. This place should be interesting first thing after the wet as there seems to be a lot of drains leading into it from surrounding area. I’ll be back.

View from rear deck.
Always something going on.
From Sandy it was onto the Yellow Waters chain of Billabongs. Over 4 days fished all the Billabongs with the stand out one to me was Home Billabong with good numbers of Togas, Barra and Sooties. All Billabongs were clear water with the exception on Yellow Waters which was very muddy but produced large numbers of rat Barra from the edges with larger fish showing on the sounder sat in deeper water. Again a couple of extra degrees to water temperature should wake these fish up. Salvinia was evident in all the Yellow Water Billabongs.

Home Billabong Barra.
Home Billabong Sooty.

Had a great time fishing a world class fly fishing area located on our doorstep and had the place all to myself at Red Lily, Sandy, Home, Jim Jim and Mardugal. Where else can you fish and have it all to yourself???

Remember, “You’ll never never know, if you never never go.” Get out there and fish.

Tight lines
Jim Churchley

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Girls night in

My wife didn't agree with this or find it funny

I thought it was spot on and hilarious check out link - http://www.drakemag.com/back-issues/