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The Mob are a social group of dedicated fly fishers who are passionate about fly fishing in the tropical north of Australia and equally as passionate about the close camaraderie this sport brings. This passion and dedication led to the creation of the NT Fly Fishers Social Mob blog site; an interactive and creative outlet where everyone can share our wonderful fly fishing adventures and link into the “after fishing” social events we enjoy in this incredible part of the world.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Billabong Fishing

The poem below was created by Jack for his English homework at school.  I have been holding off on publishing until it was marked.

A prize of some home brew at the next NTFFSM outing will be awarded if you can guess the location.

Lord Jim is exempt as he has prior knowledge!


Billabong Fishing

Wallabies, brumbies and Jabiru drinking by the waters edge, 
While crocodiles lurk beneath.
Feeding Barra bow waving the surface intensely
Between blooming beauteous lilypads.

Sight of dad itching to fish.

Smokey smell of the camp fire,
Flames trying to feed on our canned stew. 

Richly soaked black billabong water, 
Mixes with a gentle breeze.

Softly humming electric motor.
Fly whizzes through the air
Ouch! is heard as the fly abruptly stops. 

Sound of dad muttering something crude.

Continuous flow of sweat
drip, drip, drip,
Dripping on to my smooth cork rod grip.

Finally the first Behemoth is caught, 
She is released to fight another day 
This is what it's all about. 

Jack White 


56 cms and home for dinner
John  Harrison was the AFANT Executive from 1998 to 2005 , regarded as one of the most dynamic and progressive leaders in  recreational reform John was responsible for many initiatives that we all value today.
Under his stewardship the fact that Bynoe Harbour is commercial free, Northern Blue fin Tuna are a recreational species only and there is no Prawn farm in shoal bay is just to name a few major achievements.

John  along with myself and Mick Chambers came up with the concept  seven species Saltwater Fly Fishing Challenge  in 1998  we went to Crab Claw and assessed the venue to hold this tournament , and ,for the first two years we organised and ran the comp which was later handed over to the DFR as custodians.  The challenge, held at Crab Claw Island in Bynoe harbour, had an Australian and international reputation , unfortunately like many great things, rule breaches and self interest destroyed its credibility on  the Australian tournament calender.

John attended the 10 year celebration of the Challenge in 2008 and hadn't returned to the territory since last week, he and his wife Rhonda, who was a tireless Secretary of the DFR had come to visit Dotty and I .

                     Wasn't big but sure tasted great in Dotty s Lemon and Garlic herb sauce .+++++++++

On the strength of my two first days back guiding last weekend the start of the neaps produced plenty of Queenfish and Trevally especially Golden Trevally,the Barra were there but the ability wasn't honed enough none the less  all looked good.

First day, Monday, John and I went to Darwin Harbour and caught some legal Barra,Queenfish Trevally .
Tuesday we went out to Bynoe sight casting to and catching a number of Barra , King and Blue Threadfin there were also a few Golden Snapper .

Wednesday, which shaped as the perfect tide of a 2m low at 10 30 am was a fizz, the wind blew ,  20 ft of the edges and  it  was all mud, visibility terrible, water temps were high 31 to 33 but I used one approach highlighted in  the  Raison D"etra  post to go in on higher water and look for tails,some were there and we hooked a couple of nice ones but as luck has it when the day was hard hanging on to the fish was harder, we jumped a few good ones though .one thing I noted that the water was 35.5 and they still had a go !!  

Saturday, 14 March 2015


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I see Tales from the Tinny has a podcast titled The Monsoon is Dead (click to enter) and the weather is certainly interesting.  If you click on the 'Wind Maps' link at the side of this post you will see that there are a few cyclones around, but not over the NT however the one over Queensland at present looks like it may turn around.  It would be great to get some good rain from one of these cyclones to give Corroboree and the other billabongs another flush out.

We have the Corroboree Cup and Dark Side Plate on the 9th and 10th of May 2015 and another flush through Corroboree would make the fishing just that much better.  Still, there will be plenty of Tarpon.

I will be madly tying flies while Cathie is away in Ballina, and I should have plenty because Lord Jim is away at present so I can hide them before he gets into them.

Andy and Dave are off mid year to chase bonefish and I think they may be in the same place as some of the mob from SEQFF(Mario @ The Fonz)

We will also start having a look at tides for the BSSS, probably September some time?

Graeme the Grey is out fishing Bynoe with John and Rhonda Harrison so we should have a report from that in a few days.

Phil's first Tiger
You might remember Phil and Dimity's Tiger Fish Trip  on the Zambezi, well we were talking to Alex Julius and he has another group going over there if you are interested....just click on this link Africa Tiger Fishing Safari